Celebrate our 10th anniversary with us at the camp!

Camp because I said I would will empower 12-17 year-old students, and families in bereavement by building practical resiliency skills. Youth camper scholarships will support children who have been affected by suicidal ideation, bereavement or abuse. Our programs will focus on:

  • Mental health habits and tactics 
  • Social-emotional learning workshops
  • Character development experiences

Kids Need Us Now

+50% Increase in Emergency Room Visits or Suicide Attempts in 12-17 year-old girls.

1 in 11 kids will lose a sibling or parent before they turn 18. Occurrences of PTSD, depression and suicidal ideation are remarkably higher in bereaved vs. non-bereaved youth.

1 in 9 girls will experience sexual abuse or assault before they turn 18. Victims of sexual abuse or sexual assault are 4 times more likely to develop symptoms of substance abuse.

The last 2 years of hardship has had a severe impact on the mental health and social-emotional skills of students and families. Many have grown disheartened and cynical, but we refuse to give up. In fact, we’d rather double down. Our work is needed now more than ever.

Camp because I said I would will be a place where determination begins. Where tragedy turns to hope and hope becomes a plan. There’s no more time for waiting. History is calling on us to act right now.

92-Acres of Hope 

Located 50 miles east of Columbus, OH in Walhonding, OH

Existing Buildings

  • 5 luxury family cabins
  • 200 seats for outdoor dining
  • 2 miles of hiking trails
  • 1.5 acre stocked lake
  • And more!
  • Development in 2023

    • 7 youth cabins
    • 2-pool Aquatic center
    • 2 multi-sport courts
    • Outdoor Amphitheatre
    • Mountain Bike Pump Track
    • Family Activity Center
    • And more!

    Goal in 2022


    Contact Information


    Media Inquiries
    Kelly Frietsch, Executive Assistant to the Founder



    School and Nonprofit Partnerships
    Kay Spatafore, Chief Operating Officer


    Camp Operations
    Jeffery North, Camps and Retreat Director