Helping Grieving Families Heal

Resiliency Retreats for Bereaved Families

Bereavement Retreats

Have you or your family lost a loved one? Camp because I said I would offers retreats for grieving individuals or families. Our goal is to assist in you and your family by sharing training on practical resiliency skills and mental health habit to face life's adversities. This space is for you to strengthen and heal in a peaceful environment with recreational opportunities

Current Programming

As our charity continues to increase staffing and build programming, we are currently offering an interim program to help families in bereavement get away from the stress of life. For families that are approved, our nonprofit provides stays at camp in our resort cabins at no cost. Families can enjoy nature, outdoor recreation and quality time together without the financial burden of a resort cabin rental. We currently do not offer resiliency training or mental health support during this interim period, but we will soon.

  • What: A 1 to 4 night stay in our resort cabins at no cost. Transportation and food is covered by the attending families at this time.
  • Who: Families who have lost a loved one in the last 24 months. Our goal is to support 150 families a year. 
  • When: Weekdays, weekends and holidays. All year long. Families receive approval for a no-cost stay at camp usually 21 days before the reservation date. 
  • How: Approvals are made based on need, donor funding and property availability. Families must either directly apply or be referred by an individual or a partner nonprofit organization. 

Future Programming

In the near future, our camp will offer families in bereavement programs focused on resiliency skills and mental health habits. These programs will likely be 2 to 3 nights long with about 2-3 hours of sessions each day. We are currently developing partnerships with other nonprofits to enhance the experience and impact of camp. Sessions will include topics like:

▪ Self-Control: Understanding the Four Types of Self-Control  

▪ Stress Management: The Basics of a Resilient Mindset

▪ Hope & Optimism: Embracing Hope as a Catalyst for Personal Growth

▪ Limiting Beliefs: Identifying the 4 Negative Thinking Patterns

▪ Anger Management: Techniques for Effective Emotional Regulation

▪ Time Management Habits: Approaching Commitment with a Plan

▪ Goal Setting: Techniques for Selecting and Pursuing Meaningful Goals


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    Are you interested in attending a retreat?

    If you are interested in joining us for our current program (1 to 4-night stay), please fill out the form below. If you have any questions before filling out the form, feel free to email [email protected].


    Bereavement retreats are usually held Monday - Friday, for a duration of two nights. If you are attending a free retreat, the confirmation will be given to you 30 days before the check-in date.

    Once we receive your request, we will email you an application form requiring additional details about your loss. Please know that we cannot begin processing your reservation until the application is completed. The application form will be emailed to the address listed above. If you did not receive an application, please check your Spam Folder or contact: [email protected].