Top 5 Ways individuals can support camp recovery!

A devastating fire has destroyed the because I said I would global headquarters building located at our summer camp and retreat center. We’re not giving up, but we need your support. Here are the top five ways an individual can help:

1. Get your company/employer involved!

With a vast network of employees, partners, and customers, a single corporate endorsement can greatly enhance awareness and support, gathering crucial resources for our rebuilding. We have built a “Corporate Support for Camp Recovery” toolkit designed with copy-and-paste templates to make it easy for an organization to share what happened, fundraise and/or make a major gift.

Corporate Support for Camp Recovery Toolkit

2. Donate to our major fundraising campaign

Every single donation, regardless of size, contributes to our $300,000 goal and generates momentum. When potential donors see the progress and the active participation of others, it instills confidence and a sense of collective effort.

Donate to ourFacebook Fundraiser

Make a Donationthrough our website

3. Start your own individual Facebook Fundraiser

It's not just about funds—it's about rallying a community around our mission. By inviting others to join your fundraiser, you expand the circle of support and multiply the impact, helping us move closer to our goal with every share and donation. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Raise Money link.
  3. Set a goal of $500, $1,000 or $10,000
  4. Copy and paste this description into your fundraiser and add any personal comments on why you care about because I said I would.
  1. Donate to your own fundraiser. Even a small amount makes a big difference.
  2. Every time someone donates, thank them by replying with a comment. You can also post a link to your fundraiser every 3 days on Facebook so that people know you are truely committed to our efforts.

4. Donate services, equipment and/or supplies

Donations of equipment, supplies, and construction services are critical for our camp's recovery because they directly address our immediate needs. These contributions not only help financially by offsetting costs, but they also speed up the recovery timeline, allowing us to serve our campers and community sooner.

Purchase from ourAmazon Wishlist

In-Kind DonationsView our list of needs

5. Book a keynote speech, school assembly or online Resiliency Training Workshop with the Founder of because I said I would.

Alex Sheen is a 5-time TEDxTalk speaker, author and a renowned thought-leader around the world. He is one of the world’s foremost experts on resiliency skills and 100% of his speaking engagement fees go to the charity. If your organziation or team is feeling burnt out, you can help boost their morale while helping our Camp recovery effort by booking a speech.

Alex SheenSpeaking Engagements

    We refuse to give up on the youth facing mental health adversities and families in bereavement that we support.

    This comeback story we are mounting, unfortunately, is impossible without support. This is not a "cry wolf" situation. It is hard to overstate the magnitude of our losses. We are in desperate and immediate need.

    If you have any questions about how you can support Camp because I said I would, contact: