Ways to Volunteer At Camp

At our camp, volunteers are the heartbeat of our mission. Their dedication and passion play an indispensable role in supporting grieving families. Their support keeps costs down, making it possible for no-cost stays for family bereavement retreats. Together, we create an environment where sorrow meets understanding, and every moment shared becomes a beacon of hope. Email [email protected] with any questions.

#1.) Volunteer At Camp Individually

As an individual volunteer at our camp, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in a range of tasks, either working independently or as part of a team, to support our mission of creating an impactful and memorable experience. Your personal contribution, whether in group settings or solo tasks, plays a crucial role in enriching our camp's environment and achieving our goals. Examples of projects/tasks:

  • Apply to be an on-site, Volunteer Camp Host!
  • Painting cabins/fences/decks
  • Weeding and trimming
  • Building benches
  • Clearing sticks off forest trails
  • Writing encouraging letters to families in bereavement
  • Writing donor thank you letters
  • Counting Promise Cards
  • Assembling newly ordered equipment and supplies
  • Organizing and counting inventory
  • Light cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Data entry
  • So much more!
Apply to Volunteer Individually!

#2.) Volunteer as a Group, No Fundraising Required!

Gather your team and join us at our camp! We understand that not all groups can help cover the expenses of purchasing materials, supplies and equipment that volunteer projects require. Our fundraising team does the best they can to cover these costs, although sometimes we fall short. Don't worry thought, there are plenty of things at camp that don't cost anything to help improve! Email [email protected] with dates and how many people you would like to bring!

#3.) Double Your Impact: Your Volunteer Group Also Helps with Material Costs

Is your company or group able to help cover or fundraise for equipment and supplies? If your volunteer group can do this it opens up more possibilities for the types of projects we can do together! Donations to cover supplies are tax deductible. Interested? please email [email protected] with dates, how many people you would like to bring and the funding level your group can support. 

#4.) Overnight Volunteer Group Trips

If your team is interested in an extended volunteer experience by staying overnight for multiple days, it greatly enhances our camp's capabilities and the overall impact of your contribution. However, due to our limited funds, we would greatly appreciate assistance in covering the cost of food during your stay, ensuring that we can continue to offer these valuable opportunities. We may also deny revenue producing opportunities for these stays, so groups who are interested in helping cover lodging expenses are prioritized. Interested? please email [email protected] with dates, how many people you would like to bring and the funding level your group can support.

#5.) Camp Construction Advisory Council

Join the Camp Construction Advisory Council: a unique opportunity for skilled professionals like plumbers, roofers, and electricians to make a meaningful impact. By volunteering just 4 hours a quarter at camp and participating in a 1-hour monthly video call, you can help shape the future of our camp facilities. Connect, contribute, and collaborate with fellow construction experts in enhancing our camp's safety, functionality, and sustainability. Interested? please email [email protected] with a short description of your construction experience and when you would be available to take a tour of camp!


What type of projects do groups work on?

This list showcases the variety of projects that need volunteer support. This list will change over time, but even if it's a little out of date, it can give you a solid idea of the type of help we are looking for. From general labor skills to licensed construction professionals, we need help at all levels.

1. Build and Install Small Door Roofs
- **Description:** Engage in a meaningful carpentry project by building and installing stylish porticos over four camp doors. This task involves measuring, cutting, and assembling wood structures, and then securely attaching them to protect the doorways from rain and weather damage. It's a great opportunity for volunteers with basic carpentry skills to use their creativity and precision to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of our camp facilities.
- **Skillset Needed:** Basic carpentry, woodworking.
- **Estimated Time:** 15-20 hours.
- **Volunteers Needed:** 4-6

2. Promise Story Trail Stations
- **Description:** Help craft an engaging narrative experience along our forest trails by constructing and installing five unique story stations. Each station holds informative signs under tiny protective roofs, blending the charm of storytelling with the beauty of the outdoors. Volunteers will design, build, and strategically place these stations to captivate and educate our campers and visitors.
- **Skillset Needed:** Carpentry, creativity, light construction.
- **Estimated Time:** 8-10 hours.
- **Volunteers Needed:** 3-5

3. Archery Range Target Stands
- **Description:** Contribute to the recreational facilities of our camp by building two durable archery target stands. This project requires precision and an eye for safety, ensuring the stands are stable and reliable for frequent use. It's a perfect fit for volunteers who enjoy detailed woodworking and want to support an active and fun aspect of camp life.
- **Skillset Needed:** Carpentry, woodworking.
- **Estimated Time:** 5-6 hours.
- **Volunteers Needed:** 2-3

4. Playground Side Tower Replacement/Playground Revamp
- **Description:** Play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and enjoyment of our younger campers by rebuilding an unsafe playground tower or undertaking a full playground replacement. This large-scale project involves designing, constructing, and ensuring compliance with safety standards, providing a rewarding challenge for those who are passionate about creating engaging and secure play areas.
- **Skillset Needed:** Construction, safety compliance, carpentry.
- **Estimated Time:** 20-30 hours (tower); 50+ hours (full playground).
- **Volunteers Needed:**4-6 (tower or full playground)

5. Deck and Porch Repairs Across Cabins and Lake Decks
- **Description:** Participate in the important task of maintaining and restoring the decks and porches across five cabins and our scenic lake decks. This comprehensive project involves board replacement, staining, and ensuring structural integrity, perfect for volunteers who take pride in detailed, methodical restoration work and have a keen eye for aesthetics.
- **Skillset Needed:** Carpentry, staining, general maintenance.
- **Estimated Time:** 10-15 hours.
- **Volunteers Needed:** 2-4

6. Replace Railing Around Decks for Safety
- **Description:** Enhance the safety and appearance of our camp by replacing old and worn railings around various decks. This project requires attention to detail and a focus on safety standards, offering a fulfilling experience for those who are skilled in outdoor structural work and are committed to creating a secure environment for all campers.
- **Skillset Needed:** Carpentry, safety awareness.
- **Estimated Time:** 15-20 hours.
- **Volunteers Needed:** 2-4

7. Construct Archery Shade Structure
- **Description:** Build a beautiful and functional gazebo-style shade structure at our archery range. This project involves designing and constructing a waiting area that provides comfort and shelter for our archers. It's a great opportunity for groups interested in large-scale construction projects that combine practical utility with aesthetic appeal.
- **Skillset Needed:** Construction, design, carpentry.
- **Estimated Time:** 30-40 hours.
- **Volunteers Needed:** 6-8

8. Director's Cabin Repairs
- **Description:** Address essential maintenance and repair needs in the director's cabin, focusing on the water pressure tank, water heater, corner shower replacement, and filtration system. This project offers a chance to apply plumbing and general maintenance skills to ensure the cabin remains functional and comfortable, playing a vital role in the day-to-day operations of the camp.
- **Skillset Needed:** Plumbing, general maintenance.
- **Estimated Time:** 20-30 hours.
- **Volunteers Needed:** 2-4

9. Replace Corner Shower in Report Cabin
- **Description:** Upgrade the report cabin by installing a new, efficient corner shower. This task involves removing the old unit, preparing the space, and installing the new shower, ensuring a high standard of functionality and comfort. It's a fitting project for volunteers experienced in bathroom renovations who enjoy seeing their work enhance the daily living conditions of camp staff.
- **Skillset Needed:** Plumbing, bathroom renovation.
- **Estimated Time:** 8-12 hours.
- **Volunteers Needed:** 2-3