Corporate Support for Camp

Recovery Kit

A devastating fire has destroyed the because I said I would global headquarters building located at our summer camp and retreat center.

This building housed our entire operations capacity, our inventory, fundraising supplies, recreation equipment, computers and so much more.


By supporter request, We've created a template email you can use to request your employer's help in supporting because I said I would.

    We refuse to give up on the youth facing mental health adversities and families in bereavement that we support.

    This comeback story we are mounting, unfortunately, is impossible without support. This is not a "cry wolf" situation. It is hard to overstate the magnitude of our losses. We are in desperate and immediate need.

    We have outlined a path for corporate partners to aid the recovery efforts.

    We are providing three levels of suggested actions that you can take to contribute significantly toward our rebuilding process:
    Level 1
    Awareness & Advocacy

    Social Media Advocacy
    Share our story and cause on your corporate social media platforms using our pre-written templates. Edit as you see fit.

    Email Outreach
    Send an email to your entire email list or a relevant sub-list (e.g. customers, partners) using our pre-written template, providing information about our situation and ways they can help. Edit as you see fit.

    Employee Engagement
    Incorporate information about our fundraising efforts in an all-employee meeting or a company-wide email. Templates provided and edit as you see fit.

    Level 2

    & Matched Giving

    In addition to everything in Level 1:

    Fundraiser Initiative
    Begin a fundraiser on our behalf, which could take the form of an event, an online campaign, or another creative initiative suited to your organization.

    Donation Matching
    Match donations made by your employees or the community to motivate participation and double their impact.

    Recognition Wall
    Raise $10,000 and we will add your company's name to our donor recognition wall, highlighting your involvement and generosity in our recovery efforts.

    Level 3
    Major Corporate Giving

    In addition to everything in Level 1 & Level 2:

    Major Donation
    Make a substantial direct donation of $100,000 to our recovery efforts, dramatically helping us to rebuild.

    Premiere Recognition
    We will prominently display your company's name on our donor recognition wall, and we will highlight your major donation in our communications, emphasizing our gratitude for your generous support.

    Your corporate participation will make a significant impact on our recovery and rebuilding efforts.

    Through your support, we will rise from the ashes and continue our mission of providing life-changing experiences for youths from all backgrounds. Thank you for considering joining us on this journey.

    If you have any questions about how you can support Camp because I said I would, contact: