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I lost my parents tragically. A mental health crisis caused the whole situation and my parents succumbed to a murder/ suicide. (I don’t like to use those words but it is the truth) My husband discovered my parents after we weren’t able to reach them. I was there but this situation changed our lives greatly. We do have support but to have a few days to just be together and not have to worry about anything except helping each other would be an immense next step of healing.

The other component is that I want to continue to gain the tools to provide awareness for senior mental health. I want to continue to grieve in a healthy way and also provide a place for my husband to get continued support. We have attended counseling but right now our schedules and finances are not available to do so.

My husband and I are also growing our family thru fostering children. We have fostered 13 kids in and around Franklin County. The last four years. We currently have a 20-month-old foster daughter. This opportunity would be so nice to just be able to not have to worry for a few days and just be a family.